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Hey hey! 
 So my love for music has been around well basically for the majority of my whole life... My interest in music started when I was really little.  I remember mum throwing me a surprise party and she had bought one of those cute little pretend microphones for kids and within minutes I was up there singing in front of all of my friends! My journey with music has continued to shift and grow with me and along with my love and understanding of its beauty and power.

Recently I realised how music has been and is, one of my closest friends. I realised the numerous gifts music has brought to my life, and to the world as a whole. How music has been there when I felt too fragile to face the world or even myself. Music has pushed me to express myself and to face my fears, to commit and to persevere.    I realised the powerful way that


Music provides a chance for us to transcends our human boundaries.    


Music speaks to the core of us. Reminding us that there truly is no separation, that deep within we are all one

Mainly performing around the
South West of Westurn Australia,
you can find me playing an at an array of events including            
Weddings,  Private Functions, Exhibitions, and Live Performances         at local venues throughout the region. 

I am also diving into the world of  Kirtan, an ancient Indian tradition of devotional songs.

This is a new genre for me but the more I explore kirtan the more I love the way it connects everyone in beautiful moments through rhythmic song.

I am open to Professional Collaborations and opportunities to create and share the gift of music annnnd also I just want to thank you for your precious time and presence to be here now reading this! :)   


"Juni is so angelic and hearty, she sends shivers down my spine the moment she opens her mouth!"

                                                             - Rose Bennett

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