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What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is a powerful tradition originating in India where a healing mantra is sung with the intention to open the heart and merge with the oneness of all things.  

When was first introduced to Kirtan I didn't understand the depth of power it held until years later. 
I thought it was some woo woo hippy thing and I had no idea whom the people were singing about and why. 

The Matras are written in Sanskrit which is a powerful energetic language so when singing to and about the deities such as Shiva and Hanuman the essence of these divine beings are invoked and we merge in remembrance of our true divine nature of stillness also.

After having a career in singing Kirtan has been a journey for me in learning to let go of perfection and needing to sound 'good'... tuning out of my head and into my heart, because that is what truly matters and that is where the greatest sound will come from after all. 

Endless gratitude to my teacher at ROhan Heaton for his guidance and healings that have lead me to be able to connect with this beautiful practice.

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